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Specializing in the sale of telecommunications, broadcasting and cable equipment, Geartech Technologies works with strong, world-renowned partners. Our high-quality technologies are turnkey solutions tailored to your needs. As a distributor of a wide range of broadcast and telecommunications products for the industrial and commercial markets in North America, Geartech Technologies’ equipment is covered by a guarantee offered by its suppliers. Discover all our valuable partners with whom we are happy to provide you with the best technologies in telecommunications and broadcasting at the local and international levels.

Net Insight

With over 20 years of experience, Net Insight has become a world leader in media networking and resource optimization. With innovative, reliable and smart solutions, Net Insight enables companies to enjoy the best possible media experience through technology that facilitates the creation and the dissemination of media content.

Net Insight’s solutions are cutting-edge and qualitative for any launch of media services, while benefiting from reduced costs.

Net Insight offers you:

  • Long-haul video transport solutions
  • Resource optimization solutions


With over 20 years of experience, Verimatrix offers high-quality software security solutions worldwide. The solutions are designed to protect content, devices, applications, and communication in many markets. Verimatrix provides the telecom industry with customized and scalable security solutions for all types of networks and devices. This ensures the protection of digital assets.

Verimatrix offers you:

  • Code protection technologies
  • Strong authentication security technologies


eero is the world’s first whole home wifi system that delivers hyper fast, super secure wifi to every room in your home.

eero for Service Providers is a turnkey solution offering you real-time insights, advanced security, and mesh wifi systems to ensure reliable connectivity throughout every room of your customer’s home.

In-Home MESH wifi networking.

  • High-End Internet speed
  • World Class Hardware
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Broadband Utilization Visibility
  • Great Customer Support
  • Streaming Offerings
  • Smart Home Services


Real-Time. In Sync. At Scale.

The go-to provider for real-time video streaming solutions.

  • Scalable Real-Time Streaming
  • Patented SyncWatch™ Technology
  • High Reliability & Availability
  • Support & Real-Time Analytics
  • Automated Dynamic Scalability
  • Simple, Engaging User Experience
  • Standards-Based Security & Encryption
  • Streamlined Integration & Workflows


Synamedia is trusted by over 200 video service providers to deliver, protect, and monetize video content and bring incredible experiences to audiences everywhere in an increasingly IP world. Synamedia’s flexible incremental architecture provides a rapid, friction-free way to add, build and deploy cloud-based video services. 

Our award-winning portfolio includes:

  • intelligence-led anti-piracy, 
  • advanced advertising, 
  • business analytics, 
  • broadband and video network solutions and services.


Bitmovin powers the world’s largest OTT online video providers with video developer tools, built by industry experts. With Bitmovin’s Encoding, Player and Analytics products, redefine the viewer experience, while drastically lowering streaming costs.

  • Deliver video at the highest quality
  • Robust and scalable solutions
  • Plays everywhere
  • Monitor and improve your video workflow


Minerva 10 is the most advanced and proven next-generation video service management platform in the market today. A feature rich back office enables operators to manage customers, devices, channel packages, as well as catch-up TV, restart TV, VOD, and network DVR services. The platform supports pure IP (IPTV and OTT) or hybrid Cable and DTH environments, giving operators ultimate flexibility in managing the transformation of their legacy infrastructure.

The Minerva 10 platform enables operators to offer a highly personalized television experience to a broad set of devices (Clients), minimize latency by moving functionality into the access network (Edge) and maximize service velocity with flexible management tools (Back Office).  

  • Device Management
  • Asset and Metadata management
  • Content and package management
  • Subscriber management
  • Analytics

AVP Mfg & Supply

Founded in 1985, AVP Mfg & Supply is specialized in the manufacturing of telecommunications, broadcasting and satellite commercial equipment. AVP Mfg & Supply designs and manufactures innovative products of impeccable quality, ensuring the satisfaction of all our customers.

 Their customized solutions allow our customers to benefit from many high quality solutions such as:

  • Audio, video and digital jacks
  • Cables, wires and connectors
  • Super high definition digital video connection panel
  • RS422 / Datapatch connection panel, Mosaic connection panel
  • Quick connection panel and wall blocks
  • Custom telecommunications and satellite panels


For over 16 years, DekTec is specialized in the field of professional digital television. With a wide range of products designed for digital television professionals, DekTec provides quality, innovative and high-performance solutions, while reducing costs for companies.

DekTec is specialized in:

  • Digital video interfaces
  • Network devices and software
  • PC interface adapters
  • Standalone IP converters

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