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Geartech Technologies provides turnkey solutions in the field of broadcasting, telecommunications and cable to local and international industrial and commercial enterprises. In order to strengthen the audiovisual technology systems in companies, Geartech Technologies offers comprehensive, innovative and high-performance solutions. Thanks to world-renowned partners and a dynamic and experienced team, Geartech Technologies offers outstanding services and high-end telecommunications and broadcasting equipment. Discover the technological solutions we offer to our valued customers.





Fiber optic networks

Geartech Technologies is specialized in the design and implementation of fiber optic networks throughout North America. With the help of our highly qualified partners, we increase interconnection between companies outside their network coverage area and promote the flow of signals through an optical fiber. To enjoy a fully secure, reliable, fast and high-performance network, the company can use a dedicated optical fiber with excellent throughput to ensure the smooth running of all its operations.

Geartech Technologies takes care of the design of your fiber optic network within your company, as well as providing 24/7 support to solve your connectivity issues. The design of a fiber optic network in your company will allow you to reduce your costs, while increasing the performance of your business!

Next generation IP infrastructure

Geartech Technologies has an in-depth understanding and experience of customers’ transition to next-generation IP infrastructure. IP infrastructure has revolutionized companies’ information and communication systems by increasing efficiency and productivity as well as by reducing costs. Geartech Technologies is specialized in the design and deployment of IP infrastructure and solutions for North American telecommunications and broadcasting companies.

Geartech Technologies offers high-quality solutions for all companies that want to benefit from the best IP infrastructure on the market.

Broadcasting system

Geartech Technologies is specialized in the design and implementation of broadcasting systems throughout North America. In order to enjoy the best audiovisual technologies on the market, you must have an innovative, efficient and profitable broadcasting system for your business. From the development of the broadcasting system to the after-sales support, Geartech Technologies ensures optimal integration of the broadcasting systems of your company.

Get the best broadcast technology for your business today with Geartech Technologies!

Industrial Services

Geartech Technologies offers a wide range of industrial services from security systems and IP solutions to support and installation services. Geartech Technologies is committed to integrating innovative and high-performance technologies in national and international North American companies. It provides turnkey industrial services adapted to your company’s needs.

Geartech Technologies’ solutions are among the best of the telecommunications, broadcasting and cable industry in North America.

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