Geartech Technologies Is Specialized in Broadcasting and Telecom Equipment

Since 2003, Geartech Technologies has been offering a variety of high-end products in the field of telecommunications, broadcasting, and cable. With offices in strategic cities, the Geartech Technologies team is available to better serve, advise and support you as a distributor or supplier. Geartech Technologies provides top quality broadcasting and telecommunications equipment for businesses in the North American industrial and commercial markets.

Specific Solutions for Sustainable Development

Geartech Technologies is specialized in the following solutions:

Fiber optic networks

Next generation IP infrastructures

Broadcasting systems

Industrial services

Expert in telecommunications and broadcasting, Geartech Technologies offers outstanding services both at the local and international levels. The company earned a great reputation in the sale of high-end equipment designed to strengthen companies’ audiovisual technology. Moreover, Geartech Technologies is also an experienced supplier and design consultant.

Thanks to its expertise, its excellent relationship with its suppliers, and its high-quality products, Geartech Technologies provides local and international companies with appropriate and efficient technologies.

Products from Exceptional Partners

As an international distributor of broadcasting and telecommunications equipment, Geartech Technologies has forged alliances with strong partners offering technologies that transform the audiovisual development of companies.

Geartech Technologies sells broadcasting and telecommunications solutions from the following brands:





Professional Services for Rapid Development

Distribution Leader

Geartech Technologies is a company specialized in the sale of broadcasting and telecom equipment. With the highest quality products offered by Geartech Technologies, companies can benefit from high-end audiovisual technology.



International Level

Geartech Technologies’ mandate is to offer at all times the most appropriate technologies as well as exceptional services to your company, whether it is an international, national or local business.

After-sales Services

Geartech Technologies helps you through the installation and provides you with after-sales support. Thanks to the good relations with our partners, they grant us guarantees on their products so that we can offer the best possible follow-up with our customers. Moreover, our facilities have laboratories to meet all your testing needs.

Design Consultant

Much more than a distributor, Geartech Technologies is also a major supplier and design consultant on the commercial and industrial markets since 2003.

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